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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  March 17, 2013 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> eric: that's the parade in dublin. happy st. patrick's day. >> jamie: have a great day, everybody. keep the green going! take care! >> washington is a place where people... get very set in their ways. on the campaign trail, i cannot tell you how many people would look at me and clasp me by the arm and say, ted, please don't come to washington and become one of them. we are seeing a reguffination in the republican party. i have been saying the best thing to happen was to get our teeth kicked in in 2006. >> shannon: rejuvenation or makeover. many republicans are doing a lots of self-examination after the 2012 beating. who are the party's rising stars? where is it headd? conservatives in washington try to answer tows question this is weekend at an event where
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possible republican presidential contenders first test the waters. i'm shannon bream. ahead, a one on one with the man who has made constant headliance since coming to washington. tea party darling, freshman senator ted cruz. america's news headquarters live from the nation's capitol starts right now. we begin with a day of 50s, for more than 1 billion catholics across the world. the newly elected pontiff made his first sunday morning appearance. pope francis came to the vatican window in front of an elated crowd in front of more than 100,000 people. hello, amy. >> reporter: hi, shannon. yesterday, we were moved by the easy and at time, humerus manner the pope had when he blessed journalists here in rome. at the end, he stood rather than
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sat as a select group was able to approach him and greet him. he hugged them and he kissed them and today, he exhibited a similar approachability and a section as he met with people that were gathered outside the vatican today, after he celebrated a mass there. then he bolted off to work a crowd that had crammed itself up against the guarded entrance of the vatican, clearly rattling his security detail. the vatican did say it is the pope who directs his security, not the other way around. but the new team will have to get used to the new style of pope. people were out on st. peter's square for the weekly prayer. the pope's first, which he recites from the window of his apartment, blessing the crowds below. >> don't forget god never gets tired of forgiving us. it is we who goat get tired of asking for forgiveness.
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have a good sunday and a nice lunch. >> reporter: people are wonder whether or not the new pope, pope francis, can manage the bureaucracy and clean up the curia, as it has been said. a friend of his wrote an article in a local newspaper saying he thinks the pope will be able to do that. but by disarming people trather than by intent. and finally, we have had it confirmed that the orthodox ecumenical patriarch will be attending the inaugural mass for pope francis on tuesday. that's the first time that an orthodox patriarch has attend aid papal installation since the great skism in schism in 1054. >> shannon: the formal installation of pope francis will be on tuesday with a house delegation from the united
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states, house speaker nancy pelosi and susana martinez. and john boehner is sending a committee of house member, led by congressman chris smith. they will ?rie commercial because they have banned military air transportation in light of the sequester. you may or may not be ready for. it but the 2016 primary season -- it's happening. last night, conservatives chose their pick for president in the c-pac straw poll. the winner was kentucky senator rand paul, followed closely by marco rubio. former senator rick santorum was a distant third. new jersey governor chris christie, who wasn't invited, was next and former vice-presidential candidate paul ryan followed at 6%. as you saw, the two at the top of the poll were tea party favorites. the other highlight had a rocky road just to get to washington.
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starting with a rough-and-tumble primary battle in texas. i sat down with ted cruz and asked if he was surprised he is taking heat from the left and from within his own party. >> my focus is on addressing the challenges in our country. i think most americans are not really worried about political squabbles in washington. they are frustrated and they are frustrated because it seeps an awful lot of democrats and a fair number of republicans are not standing up and doing the right thing. my focus is to come to work and do my job. and in particular, stand for the constitution. our constitutional liberties are really being undermined right now and champion growth. our economy is stagnant and a lot of people are hurting. and that's where my focus remains, every day. >> shannon: you mentioned that republicans and democrats, you question whether or not they have read the constitution
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recently and if they adhere to it and if they are really familiar with what it is at its core. how do you reconfigure? how does either party get back to that? >> i think we are seeing a rejuvenation in the republican party. visaid for a while. i think -- i have said for a while, i think the best thing that happened to republicans was to get our teeth kicked in by 2008. by 2006, 2008, i think that republicans had stopped standing for principle. we saw a new generation of leaders step forward in 2010 and more continue in 2012, who are really focused on getting back to our core principles, getting back to the constitution and getting back to free market principles. i think far too many republicans had gone along to get along. had agreed with democrats and exploding the size of government -- i mean, that's how we have gotten a $16.5 trillion debt. i think the people are fed up and they are looking for leaders to come, roll up their sleeves and do the right thing. that gives me a lot of
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encouragement. >> shannon: do you get the sense that some on capitol hill don't like you calling them on that? >> well, look, i think, washington is a place where people -- get very set in their ways. on the campaign trail, i cannot tell you how many people would look at me and clasp me by the arm and say, ted, please don't go to washington and become one of them. don't become the phrase -- that i looked, was marbleized. they start to look like the marble statues. i cannot tell you how many men and women across texas said, we are so frustrated. they sound great on the election trail. and then they go to washington and they don't stand for anything. i will tell you, shall shannon,f the things that is really liberating about the path that our election came through.e cam, i was literally 2% in the polls and the margin of error was 3%. nobody gave me a prayer.
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it was a $50 million primary -- most expensive in the country. we were outspent 3 to 1. we had the entire party establishment come against me in the primary. what happened was incredible. i mean, it was tens of thousands of grassroots activist, men and women across texas who got on the phone, email, twitter and we reached out and we went from 2% in the polls to winning the primary by 14 points and wing the general by 16 points. when i face any decision in washington, what i think about first and foremost are all the men and women across texas who looked me in the eyes and said, please, do the right thing. and -- i am not willing to let them down and that gives you a whole lot of strength. you know, some politician in washington says something mean about you in the newspaper, i think that's pretty mild, compared to the challenges in this country and the need we have for leaders to get serious about fixing them.
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>> shannon: more of our interview in the next hour. he raised eyebrows in the senate when he went head to head with democratic senator dianne feinstein over the second amendment. senator cruz on gun troll at the top of the 1:00 hour. the benghazi investigation is heating up as a leading republican senator says that the administration is keeping survivors of the attack from talking. we have the latest now. >> reporter: well, details about the september 11 benghazi terrorist attack continue to emerge as we learn that three diplomatic security agents in the state department contractor, who were among the injured, may be being asked not to talk, according to senator lindsay graham who tells fox news, the injured survivors have been told to, quote, keep quiet. ambassador john bolton says the way the administration has hammed the benghazi is abnormal and those who were on the ground during the attack have not been made available to congress. >> part of the administration's
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problem here is that many people think they engagedin a coverup, that they made up the story about the demonstration because they didn't want to reveal that terrorist groups were prevalent in and around benghazi. >> reporter: the ranking member of the house intelligence committee says it's too early to say whether they will investigate. >> it's too soon to say. we have an investigation. once we get the investigation and the fbi is really focusing on a lot of areas right now. when we if i understand out, then we will use the report to make a determination where we go from there. >> reporter: when asked about the survivor, the press secretary, jay carney, said he is sure the white house is not preventing anyone from speaking. and they are in talks with the survivors. the attack killed four americans, including ambassador chris stevens. one man suspected of being involved in the dead he attacks is currently being detained. >> all right, elizabeth. thank you. republican senator rob portman made headlines, saying he has had a change of heart about
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same-sex marriage. since learning his son is gay, he no longer opposes the idea, writing, i wrestled with how to reconcile my christian faith with my desire for will to have the same desires to pursue happiness and fulfillment. and it became to the bible's overarching themes of love and compassion and we are all concern children of god. joining me now, tony perkins, president of the family search council. thanks for joining us today. >> good afternoon. >> this is a very, very difficult, delicate balance for a lot of family who is say, this is not something that i have believed in. my religion doesn't agree with this. but this is my child. and now i see it differently. >> shannon, that's right. i support senator portman for his very public display of his unconditional love for his son. i mean, as a parent myself, i
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think the worst thing we can do in any circumstance is to reject our child. not only is that counter productive to them, it's counter productive to society. and it does run counter to the christian ethic that under girds our society. but as you said, inconditional love is not the same as unconditional support. and in this case, the senator has kind of, i think, mixed the two or confused the two and has changed his public policy position on something where the evidence is overwhelming. children do best with a mom and a dad. so i commend him on one hand. but i am concerned about his policy position switch on the other hand. >> >> shannon: some say their concern is that you can unconditionally love their child, but you don't have to unconditionally love their choice the. but a lot of people say, it is not a choice. his son, will, didn't choose his sexuallyity. >> there is no scientific
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evidence to suggest that that is the case. i would not say it's purely a choice if a standpoint that there is a combination of very significant and complex factors, mostly environmental that come into this. there is no evidence to suggest that this is -- this this is dictated by genetics or this is biological. it is an issue of the environment, its factors. i would agree. i don't think many that are in the homosexual lifestyle would choose that. so -- but there is a difference here. when we talk about loving our child. i mean, we see that as senator portman talked about combing through scripture. the prodigal son, the father loved him, wanted him back and wanted to be in relationship with him. i being that's the way we should approach our children, no matter what they do. but we don't embrace choices from a standpoint of choosing to live in a lifestyle that we know
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from the evidence is overwhelmingly negative for the individual and society. >> shannon: there are a number of children who are now speaking out. i think of one in particular, who has two managers and she wrote a letter to justice code mire on the supreme court. they will hear two same-sex marriage cases next week -- prop 8 and doma. he says, i'm fine with two moms and please make this legal. how do you respond? >> we don't make public policy based upon one individual occurrence. what we do in terms of shaping public policy, we take into account many different factors. but we look at what is best for society as a whole. we know overwhelmingly that society does best when children grow up with a mom and a dad who are married in a life-long relationship. that's not evidence that popped up in the last decade. that's 5,000 years of human history. of course, we have had a very
9:17 am
significant study looking into marriage policy over the last 50 years, as a result of our policy of no-fault divorce. now we have over 40% our children born out of wedlock in some portions of our society, 70% young men are growing up without fathers. if has had devastating consequences. children need a mom and a dad. both play very significant roles in the formative and the adolescent years, especially the father in the adolescent years. >> shannon: it's good tesee you. we will see what happens in the policy side of this debate when the justices hear those two cases next week. ultimately, we expect a decision by june. thank you, always. >> have a great afternoon. >> shannon: two budget plans that have very little in common, coming up, we will get both side from ben carden and his former colleague, former republican
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> shannon: preparations are underway for the arrival in israel on friday. president obama will talk to israelis and palestinians about what it would take to restart the peace process. and other items, iran's nuclear program, civil war in syria and problems in egypt. we are at as away from a possible government shutdown and there is no deal on capitol hill. the house has passed its version of a funding measure. the senate is expected to do the same this week. with the easter recess looming, will they find common ground in time? we have ben carden aircrafts member of the finance committee. welcome. >> it's good to be with you. >> shannon: we have so many things to discuss, the short-term funding, like the continuing resolution and the
9:23 am
bigger picture about the budget. let me start with the immediate funding issues. the senate has to get something passed this week. there are scores of amendments to this measure. what do you make of the timeline? >> i think we will get it done. i think we will get our budget done this week. i think with the senate pass, it will be very much -- i think the house will take it -- or it will be close together. i think we will have a budget done this week, before march 27, which is the deadline, for keeping government open. then we will turn towards the fy-14, where we have two different budgets. the democratic budget in the senate and the house budget by the republicans. we have to -- those beneficials will pass, i think, also, as early as this week. we will be in conference. the real test was whether we could come together and come together with a budget that gives predictability for america's future. >> shannon: all right. two budgets you reference from the senate and from the house. very, very different frameworks there.
9:24 am
you know, are you concerned that you are starting so far apart? is it what you would expect? where do you see common ground? >> i don't think there are any surprises in the republican or the democratic budget. i think we need to come together and have a balanced way to deal with our fiscal challenges. so i think we need to include tax expenditures, a large part of our federal expenditures in the tax code. and the military also needs to be part of deficit reduction. we also need to do this in a select way. these across-the-board sequestration cuts are not how we as well govern. we should be specific as to which programs are priority programs and which programs can be cut. i think that's where we are trying to find common ground between the democrats and republicans. there are discussions taking place among my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to try to find that common area of agreement. >> shannon: we all as americans wish you the best. i want to give you a chance to
9:25 am
respond to criticism from jeff sessions. he says the senate budget, proposed and voted on by the committee is full of gimmicks and raises taxes by $1 trillion and increases spending and has no plan and makes no claim to ever balance the budget? >> well, the democratic budget from the senate -- it has more deficit reduction than the simpson-bowles proposal that we all thought was the right framework, just 2 years ago, so i think it is serious. it reduces the deficit by a couple trillion dollars, $2 trillion. we have already done $2.5 trillion that, would be $4.5 deficit reduction every 10 years, that puts us on a path for sustainable growth. >> shannon: i also want to ask you, sentence we have you and you sit on the committee of foreign relations as well, what do you make of the sabre rattling from north korea and our decision to make preemptive
9:26 am
moves with interceptor and it is possibility of north korea backing up its words -- for once? >> we take north korean threats very seriously. that's why we are taking pro cautionsful they have done this before. but we know that they have been testing testing and they do have what we are concerned about is a nuclear capacity on a weapon. we are treating this very seriously. we are working with our allies and the regional partners to make sure that -- north korea is kept in check. it is not just a military threat, it is also what they are doing to their own people with human rights violations and starving their population. we hope to get north korea on a path to be right for its own people and right for the region. >> shannon: we appreciate your time. good to see you, sir. thank you. >> good to be with you. >> shannon: we want to know your thoughts on the budget debate here in washington. two very different proposals frm the house and the senate. we are awaiting the president's
9:27 am
budget. who bears the burden of getting a budget done? tweet us your answers. i will read some of your responses, later on in this show. fair and balanced. after the break, we will get the republican take on the budget. with a man with firsthand knowledge on the ways of the senate on capitol hill. sasht jon kyl. and we have the latest on a deadly tragedy of a bus crash. i stepped on the machine, and it showed me the pressure points on my feet and exactly where i needed more support. i had tired, achy feet. until i got my number.
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>> shannon: a case has divided an ohio town and now a verdict is n. two high school football players were found guilty of raping a 16-year-old girl last summer. hello, peter. >> reporter: a stubenville, ohio, judge handed down the
9:32 am
decision. the accuser says she doesn't remember what happens, but he woke up naked in a strange place, after an alcohol-fueled party. the two boys could go to jail until they are 21. senators durbin and corker suggesting that a budget deal could be reached. corker says he thinks republicans are willing to look at new revenue, if democrats are serious about cutting entitlement programs and durbin says both sides must welcome the opportunity for compromise. pope francis greeted an elated crowd of more than 100,000 people. he charmed the audience with his off-the-cuff remarks on the power of god's forgiveness. and for college basketball fan, today is selection sunday. it will come dun to the final buzzer, but 27 schools have punch there'd tickets to the tournament. the selection committee says as many as 7 teams are in the running for number 1 seeds.
9:33 am
the 68-team bracket will be released around 6:00 p.m. >> shannon: i will be watching from my flames. >> reporter: i am waiting to hear about villa floafa. >> shannon: and the tar heels, in the control room. that's what they are waiting on. there is plenty of gridlock on capital hill. that's no secret. so will the president's meetings with lawmakers make a difference? or is it all for show? a man with plenty of knowledge, fox news contributor, now, jon kyl. we have a former colleague, ben cardin, democratic senator. he said what they have rolled out this week, which made it through the senate budget committee, is a balanced plan. yes, it has a lot of new tex revenue, but it's the only way to be fair. your response? >> well, it might come as no surprise, i disagree with my good friend, ben cardin. i was pleased to see both ben
9:34 am
and the guest this morning with chris exude an optimistic tone about how they might be able to get together and make this work. they should approach it that way. i think in thhearts, they are hoping to be able to do that. however, there is an enormous gap between the two budgets. the house budget balances in 10 years. the democratic budget doesn't purport to ever balance. the democratic budget would raise taxes by $twenty1 trillio. the house budget issues more tax increases, basically saying, we did that on january 1, about two-thirds of a trillion dollars in new tax increases and we don't need a balanced approach that includes more tax increases and the final point is the real problem here is so-called entitlement spending, controlling the growth in medicare and medicaid and social security to be sure that the programs will be solvent in the future. democratic budget doesn't really
9:35 am
attempt to address that problem. the houses budget does. those are enormous differences between the two. i wish my former colleagues all success in bridging the gap. they will really have to work at it. >> shannon: on a personal note, i sfoak to women in their 20s and 30s and we talked about issues of social secured and medicare and medicaid and what will be available when we get to retirement and not one woman in the room expects them to be there. so if a younger generation is prepared that, hey, listen these programs may be changed to the point that if they are not changed, they will be insolvent. but they seemed okay with that, as if they are planning their future without it. knowing that, is there a place forpo politicians to have a conversation with people to say, there may be significant changes, it is just reality. >> i think there is. the senior citizens of our country have always been the subject of a lot of attention, just before elections. and frankly, in politicians try
9:36 am
to scare them into thinking their benefits are in jeopardy. nobody in either party is proposing any dimunition in the benefits of people say, 55 years of age or older. and so you would think that conversation could occur. i do suspect that those who are younger, when they do get older, would like to see some ability to take advantage of social security and medicare. fortunately, if we act now, there are ways to preserve the programs. they may not look exactly the way they do today. but those programs will be available for people who may need them more than some of the folks you have been talking to. that's what have you to start working on now. the president's comments are we may be able to go 10 years without looking at the problem. these problems, if you don't start working on them now, it will be too late in 10 years. one of the proposed solutions and ways that soicial security was made more fiscally sound was
9:37 am
to gradually increase the time with which -- the program would take effect, changing the age of eligibility. if we conformed the medicare age of eligibility to the same age as social security, that would go a long way to making medicare solvent. do you that a couple of months a year, over many, many years, but you have to start now, not wait until the eve of the bankruptcy of the program. >> shannon: it will be interesting to see how the politicians who are willing to have that conversation, are treated as that continues. very quickly, do you think the meetings by the president this week will have an impact? yes or no? >> a little bit. they create good will. but there is no substitute for the hard negotiating and i point the -- i pointed out the very big gaps that will make the negotiations difficult. >> jamie: joo i thank you for coming in. two people killed in race warmups in california. a teenaged race car driver veered off the track and kill
9:38 am
aid 14-year-old boy, believed to be his cousin and a 68-year-old man on p.i.t. row. the driver was not seriously injured in the crash. we are getting new details about a deadly bus crash in pennsylvania. 30-year-old seton hall lacrosse coach and her unborn child were killed when her team bus veered off the road and hit a tree. the driver of the bus was also killed. some passengers are hospitalized. police are trying to determine what happened. the bus driver is up to date on all of his inspections. some are calling it blasphemous and others say to lighten up. a very controversial high school play. she is one of the few female voices on capitol hill. what shy has to say about the future of party. >> election night was a very difficult one for us. we clearly had the better plan to grow the economy. but we failed to convince the
9:39 am
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visit your dealer or to see the new signature series and 1 family tractors. >> shannon: the royal baby got more interesting. the dutchess of cambridge told a soldier at a parade, she is hoping for a little boy and prince william would like a little girl. either way, the baby is expected to make his or her arrival in july. >> standing here today. we believe in our faith and this is truly blasphemy against our faith, done as a joke to hide it. >> shannon: controversy over a play performed in a charter high school in massachusetts. the play titled, the most fabulous story ever told, rewrites bible stories to make the characters gay. free speech or over the line?
9:44 am
joining us for a fair and balanced debate. gentlemen, welcome to you both. allen, that lady seems pretty upset. >> i understand the concerns and i understand on the surface, it can be very offensive to christians. that being said, this is a charter school, which means it is not a typical public school tgets less taxpayer money and it's an award-winning play and i -- i understand the sensitivity. however, you know, this is free speech. so parents should have the right to know whether their kids are going to see this play or participate in it, give it approval or not and those who dent want to participate should have the freedom not to do so. but this is not just a typical charter school, it's a performing arts charter school. so it is not unexpected. >> shannon: chris, you can choose to go to the school or the play or neither one. the high school is a good time
9:45 am
to have the debates about very controversial topics. what say you? >> it's a public school. it is embrematic of two trend, unfortunately, for a couple of decades now from liberals. that's their bigotry against christians, which they wear with pride. they pretend to do it in the name of tolerance, but it is intolerance. it is perfectly representative of what is wrong with our public schools. we can play games about funding -- it's a public school. in the final analysis. the parents send their children there to get an education, not to be indoctrinated into the bigoted and anti-christian left -- let's be clear. they would never do this with the koran or the prophet muhammad. that would require too much courage. they know that christians will not lash out at them. there is no threat and we see this happening again and again
9:46 am
with the public funding going all the way back to andre serranos, submermging a crucifix martin scorsese with the last temptation. you can see the new pope, pope francis. principaln place and should be fired -- [overlapping dialogue] >> shannon: let me say, this issue of funding has come up. i want to make sure. our researchers found out that $4.6 million in public funding goes to the high school. alan, should you be considering that taxpayer money is funding something that is offensive to i lot of folks. >> the flip side is that this is a choice. people can choose or choose not to go to the school -- >> shannon: but they don't choose that the tax dollars are going there. >> have you a choice to participate. i would like to react to the characterization of all liberals as being infol rant. you are smearing all people who
9:47 am
hate christians. i am married to a catholic. i am very sensitive to this and the fact that you would want to smear all people on the left and make this a left/right thing -- >> i didn't say all liberals -- >> you didn't qualify it. >> i said it's perfectly typical and emblematic of what is very commonplace in our culture right now,s that is a statement of fat and i think you know that. >> that is your opinion. secondly, if you have a problem with gay characters, maybe have you a problem with gays. >> thru go. >> if it bothers that you there are people who are representatives, gay, each characters in history, perhaps have you an issue with gays that you ought to explore. >> first of all, that's perfectly outrageous. you can wrap yourself in the cloak of political correctness and play the victim in this, which is also -- >> i am not victimized. >> which is typical of the responses when the left is in fact the aggressor in this. this is about anti-christian
9:48 am
bigotry. it is not about anti-gay bigotry, which is a different subject. maybe we talk about that some day. i am perfectly comfortable -- [overlapping dialogue] >> shannon: gentlemen, we have to threef there. this is a pioneer valley performance arts charter school. the performances are ongoing. check it out -- or don't check it out. thank you for depaypay the baitg it. a fiery accident sends an nfl veteran to the hospital plus, an independent voice in washington speaks out on the budget gridlock. the maine senator says if there is a deal to be made and how to get there. he joins us live, coming up. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain
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9:52 am
>> house speaker john boehner says he quote, absolutely trusts president obama. he made the comment on abc's "this week." they do agree that the country doesn't have an immediate debt crisis, but it does have one that is looming and can be the be ignored. dante stalworth is in the hospital after a hot air balloon crash. the balloon slammed into power lines and left the veteran player with serious burns.
9:53 am
he didn't suffer critical damage. two dozen people were in the balloon at the time and at least one of them was injured. hillsborough river is green for the paint paddy's day. but it is not easy being green. workers had to dump more than 200 pounds of dye into the water there. that's a look at some of our top stories. after a week of getting beat up over the decision to allow small knives on commercial planes, the transportation security administration is rolling out a new device that it says will help in the fight against terror. the agent says it's a machine that not only screens for bombs, but also for illegal drugs. we have the story, live from new york. >> reporter: well, that new device you are talking about is called the quantum sniffer, approved by the tsa in january to help workers identify potentially dangerous packages. despite congress requiring all packages to be screened.
9:54 am
s tsa has had trouble complying with the mandate. implant sciences, the company behind the quantum sniffer, says passages could be above cargo that was not checked properly and their new product could be a game changer. >> x-ray and metal detection detect substances, anomalies. they don't tell you if it's an explosive. the steel shank in your shoe is metal, which will be detected by a metal detector, but doesn't necessarily tell you it's an explosive. the advantage to explosive traces, they're telling you -- we are exactly telling you exactly what it is that you have detected. >> reporter: here a's thew work, the device scans the packages for known explosivesives and chemical compounds. once detected talerts screeners who can isn't package more closely. but experts say real concerns still exist ov the technology's
9:55 am
ability to detect the explosive devices in the millions of packages shipped. >> every piece of sniffer technology we have ever use inside the airport did not serve the public well. that's why they are not there anymore. they have all been removed. it has nothing to do with the ability of the technology to detect the presence or a trace of an explosive. what it has to do with it is its ability ability to check everything. >> reporter: the device is already being used overseas. in asia, the middle-east, latin america and europe. u.s. companies are showing interest with at least one unit already shipped. and shannon, as a i send this back to you, happy st. patrick's day. you look good in green, girl. >> shannon: you too, thank you! >> reporter: see you later. independence and freedom two thing this is amazing new technology is offering, to help
9:56 am
paraplegics walk again, in a special report. and the gun debate in washington gets heated as freshman senator ted cruz is in the middle of a testy debate over the second amendment. we will look at where gun control is headed and why more lawmakers need to go back and reread the constitution. [ male announcer ] this is the opposite of subliminal advertising... there's no subtext... just tacos. yeah, it's our job to make you want it. but honestly... it's not that hard. old el paso. when you gotta have mexican. [ slap! ] [ slap! slap! slap! slap! ] ow! ow! [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium-rich tums starts working so fast you'll forget you had heartburn. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums
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10:00 am
>> shannon: technology is bringing new hope to paraplegics. national correspondent john roberts has the latest on a new medical exo skeleton that has one patient walking again. >> reporter: life changed for michael gore when fell off a 12-foot high cat walk and shattered his spine. >> i tried to move my legs and couldn't move them and reached down there and didn't feel anything. >> now, after a decade of paralysis confined to a wheel chair life for gore is changing again. he is about to stand up. and walk. >> what was it like the moment that you stood up? >> ' mazement. excitement. joy. all good. >> reporter: gore is wearing an exo skeleton a break through device derived from aircraft controls. all gore has to do is lean forward or back to control it. ryan farris is leading the
10:01 am
development team. >> every aspect of the design was really intended to promote independence. promote an unprecedented level of independence for the users. >> the device short for independence and go is one of three exo skeletons coming to market though this is the lightest and least bulky of them. it can be used by accident victims, wounded warriors with spinal or brain injuries, even stroke patients. though he is only allowed to test in in the shepherd center rehabilitation hospital michael gore feels a freedom he hasn't had in years. >> it gives him so many opportunities and gives him choices. as you you have seen today he can walk with crutches, go up and down stairs. walk in a kitchen with a walker. >> the test model banks in at more at $60,000. the manufacturer hopes to slash the price if the fda green lights commercial production. but depending on how the fda classifies it, it could be
10:02 am
subject to the obama administration tax on medical devices. >> it would seem the government would go out of its way to help us commercialize things like this and remove barriers. a tax directionally for us sends the wrong message and it is the wrong thing. >> the developers don't yet know if insurance companies will pick up the tab for the exo skeleton. is it necessary is a question they will ask. according to michael gore just the ability to have a face to face conversation with someone after ten years is worth every penny. in atlanta, john roberts, fox news. i think what the president is trying to do is not a charm offensive but basically to save the republic. i'm serious about this. i will sit down with you and honestly work to come up with a grand bargain. let's not miss this opportunity. >> the president and i as i have made clear have a good relationship.
10:03 am
we are open with each other and honest with each other but you trying to bridge some big differences. >> shannon: are there signs of compromise in the budget battle? house speaker john boehner says he trusts the president and that the outreach has been hopeful. the key players on capitol hill hit the sunday shows following the release of two very different budgets this week from house republicans and senate democrats. do they have a shot at bridging the differences and getting the nations finances in order? i'm shannon bream. we begin hour number two with an independent member of the senate budget committee. thank you for joining us today. >> how are you today? happen by st. patrick's day. >> and to you as well. you voted in favor of the budget proprosed by senate democrats and put together by senator patty murray. why did you vote, yes? >> i worked on my own plan. i was getting frustrated and started working on my own plan
10:04 am
and basically what i saw as necessary was significant cuts dealing with some entitlements and additional revenues from cleaning up the tax code and closing loopholes and indeed that is pretty much where the plan out of the committee this week ended up. it wasn't exactly what i would have preferred but, you know, part of this whole process, shannon has to be people compromising in order to get some solutions. we have a republican house and democratic senate with republicans havin significant control and the democratic president as bill clinton would say that is pretty straightforward somebody has got to compromise. only two possible outcomes, dead lock or compromise. what the committee voted out on thursday is a pretty good approach. >> shannon: along with the factors that you mentioned it also increases the tax burden increases taxes by a trillion dollars. there is no plan in this budget anywhere to actually balance the budget. here is what a couple of
10:05 am
mainstream publications had to say about it. the usa today editorial said it was a disappointing document. the washington post says it gives no reason to say that democrats have a viable plan or assessment of the country's long-term fiscal predict ament. how do you sell it? >> all of the bipartisan deficit reduction commissions like simpson bowles and the gang of six all talked about some kind of balance between revenues. we are talking about closing loopholes not raising tax rates and the ryan budget talks about closing loopholes. exactly the same approach only in the ryan budget they would use that for a massive tax cut that would go predominantly to the very wealthy and in this one we apply it to the deficit which is what i think is the most pressing problem, not, you know, 10% drop in tax rates for
10:06 am
millionaires. i mean it really is a question of where do you want to put your priorities. in any case, all of these things said we needed about $4 trillion of deficit reduction over ten years. this budget in addition to what is has already been done and the cuts and the revenues that occurred at the end of the year get us there over $4 trillion in deficit reduction. 65%, 64% cuts. and about 36% revenues. and i think that is a pretty balanced plan. that is what the american people have been telling us they want. >> how do you answer critics who say and republicans who say we already gave the white house the rev into you that it asked for and we have already done that once. let's get serious now about cuts. >> we are getting serious about cuts. as i said, if you add the cuts together of that over 4 there willed it is about -- $4 trillion over 60% have been cuts. and the republican plan out of the house generates revenues
10:07 am
itself from closing loopholes. it is just a question of okay what do you do with the money. we use it to go against it the deficit in the budget passed last week. they use it to give yet another tax cut to mostly to the highest income people. the differencial is unbelievable. if you make $40,000 a year your taxes go down by $385. if you make over a million they go down by $400,000. this is the millionaire's relief act of 2013. and it doesn't do anything about our deficit. then they cut drastically in other places. federal spending if you exclude medicare and interest would go to the lowest level as a percentage of the economy since 1948 under the ryan budget. this isn't about deficit, shannon. this is about fundamentally changing the expectations we have of our government. and by the way, the real deficit in an ongoing forward looking way is healthcare.
10:08 am
that is what is driving the federal deficit. it is not spending on food stamps. it is not spending on the faa or national parks or highways. it is healthcare. and that is what we have to be talking about. so neither plan really focuses is significantly on healthcare and that has got to be the next discussion. that is where we have to focus is how do we pay for healthcare. why is it we are paying twice asp as anybody in the world and getting results that are something like 15th in the world. that is where -- and that is medicare, medicaid, all of the federal health bills. but it is also affecting you and me in our private insurance. that is the next big issue. >> shannon: it is encouraging to hear you say you are willing to discuss entitlements and how those can be bettered. maybe one of the only common points you have with the folks on the other side of the aisle and in the house we'll see where you can find that common
10:09 am
ground. >> i think there is common ground. do something about entitlements over the long haul and something about healthcare and loopholes in the tax code. the omer question is what do yo with the money from the closing in the loopholes. the senate will pass a budget and house will pass a budget and we will get into conference and the president will get engaged and if we can start talking to one another and listening to each other we can find solutions. nobody is going to get everything that you want. the rolling stones said you can't always get what you want. >> shannon: that is one thing we can all agree on. senator king, thank you for your time. >> shannon: we asked who bares the ultimate burden of getting a budget passed? >> shannon: keep tweeting us
10:10 am
and we will read more of your answers later in the show. >> bloomberg is not around. we're safe. we're cool. it is just pop with low cal ice cubes in it. i hope that's okay. what did you think was in it? >> former alaska governor sarah palin a big hit with the big gulp saturday at cpac. conservatives chose senator rand paul as the winner for the 2016 race. following closely behind paul was marco rubio. former senator rick santorum and a distant 3 with 8 thyrse new jersey governor chris christie and the former vice presidential candidate congressman paul ryan followed at 6%. president obama's bid to renew a ban against assault weapons has won the backing of a key senate committee.
10:11 am
it was one of four gun related measures that made it through the senate judiciary committee this week and passed 10-8 on a strictly party line vote but not before a heated argument before texas senator ted cruz and dianne feinstein over the constitutional rights of gun owners. >> the second amendment in the bill of rights provides the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed and the question i would pose to the senior senator from california is would she deem it consistent with the bill of rights for congress to engage in the same endeavor that we are are contemplating doing with the second amendment in the context of the first or fourth amendment. >> i'm not a 6th grader. senator, i have been on this committee for 20 years. i studied the constitution myself. i'm reasonably welled educated and i thank you for the lecture. >> shannon: after that exchange, cruz the freshman senator took unexpected heat from critics who thought that he misunderstood the relevant
10:12 am
supreme court case law on the second amendment. i sat down with cruz at cpac and he told m me aweapons are n common use and therefore they cannot be banned. >> and let's be clear. most people misunderstand the word assault weapon. it is not a machine gun or fully automatic weapon. it is essentially a deer rifle. a semi automatic weapon with cosmetic features that make it look scary and yet politicians in washington want to show how tough they are on crime so they want to ban some 4 million guns that law abiding americans have chose ton use to protect their home. >> shannon: what is the future of the gun measures as they wind their way through capitol hill? let's talk about it with chris stirewalt host of power play 11:30 a.m. every week week day. happy st. patrick's day. >> i can think of no better place to be on st. patrick's
10:13 am
with a fair lass named shannon. >> we will do a little jig on the break. you have to pay for the extra content. >> only online. >> only onnine. >> shannon: actual votes that made it through the senate judiciary committee. what ton chance do they have ie actual senate? >> in it weigh it is what you were talking to senator king about. how big of a budget deal the president wants and does he really want enough borrowing power. the government needs to borrow 1.3 there will today's $1.5 trillion to get from the beginning of october of this year to election day which is about as far as anybody could think. they need a big deal. it willle take a long time to get a deal that big. unfortunately for the president if he talks about gun control during that time he will alienate people possibly including senator king who represents a state with a lot of gun enthusiasts and people big on the second amendment and the alienate other red state democrats and itle be harder to get a budget through.
10:14 am
he has to wait. how much do you think dianne feinstein would like to be the one that said senator, good news we passed an assault weapons ban. the more fighting that goes on between cruz and other republicans and liberal democrats the more impatient they become with the president saying when are you going to get out in front of this thing again help us get it done. >> shannon: they felt a lot of momentum after newtown which horrified everyone and now they may feel like they are are losing the momentum in the midst of all of the other badles. what about senator mansion and senator beggich? to get something to the floor you got to go through harry reid. >> this is what liberals want to know is not when hair arery reid is going to move because harry reid is not a profiles in courage leadership kind of guy. he is a will of his caucus kind of guy. he stepped out in front very few times. generally what he does is
10:15 am
reflect the general consensus of his caucus. if he is going to move and take a chance it has to be because the president is pushing him, pushing him, pushing him and we heard from senator feinstein last week the president they believe that nothing is going to happen unless he gets out in front and leads on this. remember, this is one of the three gs for liberals in the second obama term. gay marriage. global warming and guns. and these are the three biggest issues for the left and if the president looks like he is dragging his feet on this they will get cranky and then to take us back to senator king's point they will be less inclined to do something that they have already shown very little in krieneation to do which is to address the long-term drivers of the debt meddeficit particularly did i. >> shannon: senator cruz said he was surprised that senator feinstein got so upset. react the way she did. he said i think we should ask the same question of everything we pass on the little does the constitution allow this and he says frankly i was surprised
10:16 am
that any one would get that fired up. let's watch those two. six years could be cruz and feinstein. good to see you. >> yes, ma'am. >> shannon: tear and an apology throwed in a courtroom after a judge found two 16-year-old football players guilty of raping a 16-year-old girl. mike with the latest on this huge and controversial case. >> reporter: the verdict was guilty for both football players who forced themselves on a 16-year-old girl who was too drunk to consent. an additional charge of using a a minor in nudity oriented material for one of the defendants after he distributed pictures of the girl. following the verdict, both players broke down. >> i would really like to apologize to [ bleep ] her are family and my family and the community. no pictures should have been sent around or taken. >> anything you would like to
10:17 am
say? >> i would like to apologize. i had no intentions to do anything like that and i'm sorry to put you through this. >> an attorney for the victims family says they appreciate the remorse but it came too late. what made the case really stand out is the amount of traffic it got on social media. much of it mean spirited toward the victim but a special prosecutor says even groups that thought they were advocating for the victim like the hacker group anonymous made things much more difficult. >> anonymous' attention to the case put so much more pressure on her. because she is the center of a storm. no matter how you cut this case she was the center of the
10:18 am
storm. >> reporter: ohio attorney general is calling for a special grand jury to determine if others need to be charged in the case. shannon? >> shannon: thank you very much for the update. could the president be in for yet another fight with senate republicans? the latest on h his rumored picks for labor secretary. and texas governor rick perry takes on the federal government again. stay tuned. it is this week's regulation nation segment. what's droid-smart ? with google now, it automatically knows when you need to leave for the airport, how much traffic there is, and can have your boarding pass ready. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-smart. droid-powerful. (music throughout)
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>> shannon: more than 150,000 people gathered in st. peter's square today for the first sunday address by pope francis. the newly elected pontiff made the debut at the vatican window and broke with tradition by delivering impromptu remarks about god's power to forgive instead of reading from a written speech. he also made his first appear ran on twitter tweeting "dear friends i thank you from my heart and i ask you to continue to pray for me." the president appears poised to make another controversial cabinet pick. this time it is the leader of the justice scali justice depal rights division, tomas perez.
10:23 am
quinces perez is a radical choice. welcome to you and why use the word radical? >> he has got a long, long record of taking extremely left wing positions on issues from illegal immigration to race-based hiring to interfering with police and fire departments to the new black panther voter intimidation case and on and on and on to voter i.d. laws. there is a whole series of things where he has been sort of in the vanguard of what i would consider radical. most people would certainly say leftist positions on all of the issues. >> shannon: you and i have talked about it interesting timing with the potential that perez would be named to head labor are because we got the inspector general report from the department of justice on many issues and you mentioned the black panther case the men who were at the polling case in
10:24 am
philadelphia, the decision to dismiss charges against most of of them and not inspector general's report it seems to say there was no wrong doing and things could have been done better but certainly outlined a lot of internal strife in the civil rights division. how do you think that is going to impact perez who was not accused of wrong doing in the report but sort of given a pass and said he didn't do the best job with this, could have done better are but didn't do technically anything wrong. >> two things. first of all, he was head of the division and the division as a whole was described as basically being just a viper's den of just discord and sometimes incompetentence and sometimes worse. hurt him because it shows he hasn't gotten a handle on the division but secondly did criticize him by name. it did say he perjured himself
10:25 am
but said on multiple occasions gave misleading testimony with regard to the new black pan sherr case and with regard to the general state of affairs within the division. and showed whatever his motivations were he gave testimony that he either knew or absolutely should have known was misleading and the report comes right out and says that. and so if he is not a perjuror he is rather close. >> shannon: almost out of time. do you think there will be senate organized gop opposition to the nomination if it becomes formal? >> senator grassley of iowa already put out a scathing statement and other senators i know that their staffs and the senators are very concerned and, of course, congressman frank wolf who doesn't get to have a say in it is pushing the senators also to take a hard line against perez. >> thank you very much for your time. we'll watch and see how this plays out.
10:26 am
>> thank you very much, shannon. >> shannon: in just the last 90 days, 6,126 proposed federal regulations have been posted to the website regulations gets.g. in regular nation nation texas governor rick perry says he is concerned about the road blocks his state is facing on the road to implementation. >> the idea that you got to sue your own government. it wears me out. you know, when you look at medicaid and one size fits all where in washington they are picking and choosing which states to allow you flexibility and waivers. if you give rhode island a waiver, why wouldn't texas be eligible for that same waiver instead of having to go up and go through the process and in some states they will say, yeah, we will give you the waiver but we won't give you you. >> shannon: perry went on to say situations like the one he described that cause so many
10:27 am
fights between the states and the feds. she is one of the leaders of the republican party but there aren't many women keeping her company at the top. after the break, my one on one and thoughts on the future of the republican party and her lunch this week with president obama. plus, they talked about cutting back but now the post office is spending big bucks to send workers to a conference. we will take a closer look at how they are spending your tax dollars, right after the break. i stepped on the machine, and it showed me the pressure points on my feet and exactly where i needed more support. i had tired, achy feet. until i got my number. my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotics number. now i'm a believer. you'll be a believer, too. learn where to find your number at has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good?
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10:31 am
>> shannon: lawmakers who met behind closed doors with in week with president obama but gop congress woman kathy mcmorris rodgers think it was worth while? i asked h her right after her speech at cpac. >> we will see. i think it is important to open the lines of communication which hasn't been happening in recent years. if we have a dialogue about the issues whether the budget and balancing the budget and energy
10:32 am
policy or even how we grow the economy it starts by having a conversation. so i thought it was a good sign that he came and he met with us. we'll see what follows. >> shannon: i understand there was discussion of the keystone pipeline and whether or not that will be approved by the administration. the white house says it is up to the state department. even from the white house there has to be influence or input from there. the president gave a speech in chicago this week on energy issues. where do you think he is on that? yes. >> didn't hint either way. he basically said that he was going be making a decision shortly. and he just went through the different considerations but we need this pipeline. we need to say yes to american energy, north american energy. it is one of the best ways to get our economy growing and get people back to work is by actually committing to a national energy policy that would make us energy independent. so i'm hopeful that he will
10:33 am
say, yes. boy, across-the-board people have been making the case to him. they changed the route. they have done everything that they -- that he has asked them to do in order to say yes to this project. >> shannon: i don't know if you had a chance to look at a lot of what he said this week in chicago but he talked about creating this $2 billion sort of trust fund to use royalties that the government gets from drilling leases and those kinds of things to use the money towards alternate energy sources. what role do you think that that plays in lessening our dependences on foreign oil? >> we long said we need and all of the above energy plan but you needs to take into consideration economic reality. so we need -- we need to do more exploration here in this country. we know that we have oil reserves. we know that we have coal reserves. we need to say, yes. what is going on with natural gas is phenomenal and the
10:34 am
prices of natural gas have come down and opening up new opportunities and getting our economy growing. north dakota has 3% unemployment for example. also there is real opportunities for the alternative energy sources and we need to be exploring them but shouldn't be excluding the other energy sources in exchange. >> shannon: you are one of the only women in leadership in the house gop. you you talked about that in your cpac speech about how the gop didn't do well with women the last time around. where do you think there was a disconnect and can the party turn that around? >> like i said today, we need to be speaking to both our heads and our hearts and i think for are too long the republicans have been talking like bookkeepers rather than really painting this vision, being leaders for the country and showing america where we want to take the country. so that is my hope moving forward and that women -- women understand having to balance budgets for example. sitting around the kitchen table and making ends meet and
10:35 am
we need to talk in terms that whether you are a woman or a man that you can relate to what we are talking about in that you understand how it is going to impact our pocket book, your future, your children, your household and that is what i think is the disconnect and we can do a better job. >> shannon: and part of that discussion, of course, about the fiscal health of this country and you are busy, everybody on the hill is busy dealing with sequester and entitlement reform. if there is at least discussion of it and i understand that with part of the discussion this week with the president do you think there is any common ground there? >> there is common ground when it comes to recognizeing that we needed to grow the economy and that is what needs to be at the top of the list because we continue to have is high unemployment. there is still 12 million americans that are out of work so we need to focus on policies that are going to get our economy growing.
10:36 am
what we tried to impress upon the president when visited with the republican ares was that we would like to find some common ground on a budget that is recognizing that the deficits, the debt that we have taken on right now is a damper on our economy. mr. president, is there a date certain that we could agree to balance the budget? he wasn't willing to say that. he wasn't willing to say that we even needed to have a goal of balancing the budget. so that was very disappointing. we are going to continue to make the case as to getting our fiscal house in order, balancing budgets, which will also get our economy growing. >> shannon: thanks to the congress woman for stopping to talk with us after her speech last night. the u.s. postal services is cutting services as it tries to save billions of dollars and stay afloat. as it tries to stop the flow of red ink it is getting ready to send $2 million to send postal managers to california for a conference. is this the right time to be spending that money? claudia cowen in san francisco
10:37 am
with the story. >> reporter: the national postal forum here underway and it is delivering more than seminars about shipping and direct mail. with a golf tournament, dance and fancy dinners on the schedule there will be plenty of fun for the 4,000 attendees including 400 staffers with the u.s. postal service a government agency spending big dollars to be here despite being $16 billion in debt. documents show the travel, $220,000 in exhibit space and other incidentals will cost the postal service $2.2 million. attendees including the post master general will enjoy live music and a bank wet featuring the foods of fisherman's wharf and chinatown. the post office says the four day conference will make money by generating new sales leads for shippers and direct mail firms but critics don't buy it and suggest postal executives are out of touch.
10:38 am
>> they are tone deaf to the actual reality on the ground and how this will be perceived and that is something that our executives whether in the regular federal government or the postal servicester to take note of that the public is watching and they are turned off by seeing waste of taxpayer dollars or in this case postal service dollars. >> attendees see it another way. >> relationships and network oing is very important. if they just sat in their offices in washington they wouldn't get the feel of what the mailers want and need out of the industry. because the industry is changing. technology is changing and the postal service is changing with it. >> reporter: the u.s. postal service spending more than $2 million on exhibit space, travel expenses, other incidentals. now, that may not sound like a lot but as one government watch dog group put it to me, the way you end up $16 billion in debt is you don't worry about a $2 million expenditure. over time, shannon, it all adds up. >> shannon: certainly does.
10:39 am
as we find out here in washington and there in california as well. thank you, claudia. >> shannon: coming up, should lawmakers switch focus from spending money to treat illnesses instead to working on finding cures? we will have the discussion. plus, it is one of the hottest on the planet and alicia acuna is there. , diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'.
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>> shannon: as the debate over healthcare costs continues to rage lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say that research could lead to significant savings in the future. here is what congress woman michele bachmann had to say in her speech at cpac. >> we cared in the 1950s when we had an epidemic of polio that was sweeping over the nation. at that time economists told us the annual costs to deal with polio would be something like $100 billion a year. if you translate that into
10:44 am
today's dollars you are talking more like trillions of dollars. or a trillion dollars. and yet those huge costs didn't happen to us. why? because someone cared. >> shannon: tim pinkerton, contributing editor and writer for the spi the conservative me joins us now. it is not polio but we have other medical issues we spend billions, maybe even trillions treating instead of curing. do you think we need to change the conversation? >> alzheimer's for example which is a roughly $172 billion hit on the u.s. economy every year headed toward a trillion dollars a year. headed toward a cumulative cost by 2050 of perhaps 20 trillion with a t dollars total. that is a medical burden that nobody's health insurance plan can fix by itself. not president obama's. not paul ryans. it will take a decisive intervention in the course of disease.
10:45 am
not the paying for it after the fact but you the disease before it happens to change that and that is what mrs. bachmann was talking about at cpac yesterday. it was very well received when she said look a cure is cheaper than care. so why are we letting the trial lawyers and the fda strangle medical innovation today when we need these cures desperately not only for humanitarian reasons but also for fiscal and economic reasons. >> shannon: and we heard people from both sides of the ail talk about this. not a partisan issue. they both agree that that is a feasible way to look forward to treating medicallish you shoes and medical -- and financial issues at the same time. how does this work? you mentioned trial lawyer, fda. a matter of funding. should it be public or private? >> you need some kind of public private partnership. democrats as well. rob andrews is on the same line that mrs. bachmann is and the reality is there is enormous amounts of private capital waiting to be used but frankly
10:46 am
right now it is not a good investment. if the fda and trial lawyers are are there and the number of new drugs approved by the fda has fallen by 40%. medical devices fallen by 40 o percent. venture capital in the field has fallen by three fourths. in that kind of negative environment even the best hearted philanthropist says i could make more money doing something else. create an enterprise zone, some way with political leadership as well saying look it is a national priority. when john f. kennedy said we are going to go to the moon back in 1961 it was the public sector and private sector mobilizing together to say yes, this is an important national goal and we did it. >> shannon: let's hope folks are listening to you and other political leaders as well and there are great concerns in the medical device industry about new taxes coming with the healthcare law. thank you for putting a spot light on it and we will keep it
10:47 am
there. >> shannon: a tradition that dates back centuries. the lasfallas festival. it turned into a part that goeo days. alicia acuna is there. is also to welcome spring. this has been pretty tough. but the celebration here. audio visual experience is nothing short of amazing. 400 communities compete to be named with presenting the best falls. this is the 2013 winner. each tells a story that contains double meaning and and satire are also part of it. this pokes 2-at the financial crisis. it is this o's 14th time in their 120 year history to win first place. >> it is very hard to win the
10:48 am
first place. and we were working all year to have this prize. >> now, there are firecrackers going on all day and all night. it is just all part of the celebration here that will wrap up wednesday and thursday when they torch all of these fallsa behind me. 300 bon fires throughout the city. shannon. >> thank you for helping with the pronounceiation. my español is not very good. alicia, thank you. an accused murderer doing head stands just moments before being charged. the bizarre video that has become one of our most clicked stories. [ male announcer ] this is the opposite of subliminal advertising...
10:49 am
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>> shannon: some sandy hook familiar les are upset at recent suggestions that the crime scene photos from the elementary school massacre should be release. is just one of the most clicked stories online. peter doocy in the newroom with more are. peter? >> reporter: michael moore wrote online the way to "finish off the nra" would be to
10:53 am
release the images from the newtown shooting. several families expressed outrage. another story several of you are reading online a maryland dad is appealing his son's suspension after the second grader was accused of chewing his shaw strawberry breakfast pastry into a gun. it asks that the punishment be removed from the boy's record. also trending a bizarre are video that shows jodi arias moments before being charged in the brutal murder of her boyfriend in 2008. the phoenix woman is caught on camera, singing laughing and even doing a headstand. the video is admissible in court but hasn't been shown to the jury. lifetime also announced plans to turn the scandalous trial into a movie. for those stories and more log on to shannon, back to you. >> shannon: i think it would be news if lifetime announced it was not turning that trial into a movie. >> i think a sure fire way to tell that things in your life are not going well, is if lifetime starts to make a movie
10:54 am
about you. >> shannon: exactly. peter doocy, thank you. many potential financial scam victims have become more aware of bogus e-mails so identity thieves are moving into new territory. cell phones. the latest on the cheap tricks from senior business correspondent brenda buttner. >> reporter: the feds cracking down on mobile spammers. the ftc filing complaints against 29 defendants for sending nearly 200 million unwanted text messages to consumers via cell phone. >> the phone is buzzing or beeping at you to get your attention. you take it out and look at it right awa away people are mar r more likely if they get a link in the message to click on the link. >> reporter: scammers can get to you in a variety of ways not just via text message. the top scams of 2012 according to the better business bureau, number five a fishing scam saying president obama will fay your utility bills. consumers got e-mails and even in person solicitations telling
10:55 am
people about a new government program. it is not true, though, and victims gave their information to an official looking website. number four, nonexistent loans. the ads for things like no credit checks or no interest. you pay up front for insurance purposes and they have got you. number three, mystery shopping. it is an employment scam offering a dream job for a price. number two, the grand parent scam. an oldy but a goodie. you get an e-mail or text saying a family member traveling has been arrested or h hurt and needs money right away. the difference is now thanks to social media scammers can tell when someone is actually on vacation. and the number one scam of 2012 is car ads. there is an online add going around offering you $400 a week to drive around with a company's logo on your car. they send you a check which you deposit in your bank account and send some to a graphic
10:56 am
designer are. a week later bounces and the designer no longer exists. >> shannon: to find out more on the scams check out and next week as tax time draws near we will take up more of your tax questions. tweet us. back to you. >> get the tax questions in. we have an expert right here brenda, thank you. >> shannon: how is small business feeling about the economy? a key small bis confidence index just out edged up last month but still low by historical levels injuries the main problem slow sales. a third of the owners is surveyed said sales are down in the past three months compared to the prior three. only two in ten posted higher sales in the same time period. another issue is credit. many small businesses continue to find it difficult to obtain. well, is this small event a big deal in enterprise, alabama. we will take you to a parade fit for a leprechaun, next.
10:57 am
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